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10 Years of LosBastardos

10 years ago, Ryan, myself and a few other deeply disturbed people were in the process of putting together what has become the most successful Rocky Horror cast the Dallas/Fort Worth area has ever seen; Los Bastardos. It was a true labor of love, and to see the cast still alive and quite well (doing regular shows in Ft. Worth), does my heart good.

Well, LB's current cast director, Leah, was kind enough to allow us old Bastards back to take part in their 10th Anniversary Show. So myself, Ryan, and good ol' Bunch will be taking part in the Pre-Show Festivities, then walking the floors yelling obscenities (like the good ol' days) during the movie. Cast alumni from way back will also be performing. It promises to be a damn good time!

All you ol' Rocky veterans, whom I haven't seen in years, I expect to see you there. No excuses!

Details at:
Official LosBastardos Website

LosBastardos MySpace

Links to some old school pictures:
April 28, 2001
May 5, 2001
May 26, 2001
June 9, 2001
June 16, 2001
July 28, 2001
Nov 3rd 2001



Harry Potter Predictions
OK nerds...Here is my complete Potter prediction list. Now this list will be filled with spoilers from the first 6 books, so if you haven't read them, then stop reading.

Let's start with some easy ones

Ron and Hermione - They will hook up. I also think that neither one will die. These 2 will survive to carry on the legacy (explained later).

Ginny Weasley - We'll see amazing things from Ginny. Ginny will turn out to be more powerful than expected. She is the only other person, other than Harry and Dumbledore to fight against some version of Voldemort and live. I think we'll see some major hexes fly from her.

R.A.B. - These were the initials on the note that Harry found in the fake locket. Whoever R.A.B is, they took out that horcrux. So who is R.A.B.? My prediction, Regulus Black, Sirius' brother who turned Death Eater, but then turned against the Death Eaters.It was he and Kreature that found the locket and brought it back to the Noble House of Black. Kreature had tried to hide it in Order of the Phoenix. But Mundungus may have sold it off in his rummagings of Harry's new home.

Now some more difficult predictions

Neville Longbottom - I believe that he will be the downfall of Bellatrix LeStrange. There will be a showdown between the 2 and Neville will do something that will result in the accidential death of Bellatrix. Granted, he'll be trying to bring her in, but something that was meant to do one thing will turn out to kill Bellatrix.

Lupin, Bill Weasley, Tonks, Fluer and Greyback
- Greyback, Lupin and Bill will have a showdown. Greyback will prove to be the stronger of the 3 and right as he's about to kill Bill and or Lupin, Tonks and Fleur will jump in and hell will hath no fury like a Frenchy and a Metamorph scorned. Tonks and Fleur will kick Greybacks ass.

Dumbledore and Sirius - Yes, they are forever dead. But they will still be a factor. Dumbledore will still be in the protrait and be able to offer advice. Sirius will be available in the 2-Way Mirror that he gave Harry in Order of the Phoenix. We'll see these characters in the last book, just not in a way that will be extremely helpful.

Draco and Lucius Malfoy - Lucius is currently in Azkaban and when we last saw Draco he almost turned against the Death Eaters and joined Dumbledore. But now that he failed to kill Dumbledore, Voldemort will be pissed. And he's already pissed at Lucius for getting captured. I think that Lucius will get out of Azkaban and when he re-joins the Death Eaters, Voldemort will kill him in front of Draco. This will set up Draco turning against Voldemort and joining the Order.

Peter Pettigrew
- Peter owes Harry a life debt (from Prisoner of Azkaban) and Peter will cash in with his life.

Harry and the Horcrux - Harry is not a horcrux. Neither is his scar. Some people thought he was a horcrux because of the wording of the prophesy. IN Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore calirfies the meaning of the prophesy by saying "...neither can TRUELY live..." so it wasn't meant to be taken literally. The prophesy was a metaphorical thing. And not only that, but once Dumbledore knew about the horcruxes, he would have been able to figure out if Harry was one. I mean, if we, as readers woudl suspect it, then Dumbledore, the most knowledgeable character in the series would ahve been able to figure it out. He found the ring without even really knowing it was a horcrux, so he would have known if Harry was carrying around a piece of Voldemort's soul. Also, in Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort cannot stand to possess Harry. If there was a fragment of Voldemort's soul in Harry, then Voldemort should have no problem jumping in. The horcruxes will be objects, just like Dumbledore predicted. The hard part will be finding them.

Snape, good or evil?
- Snape is working against Voldemort. He's the perfect double agent. He's a master Occlumens and he's done what no one has been able to do, kill Dumbledore. I think that Dumbledore and Snape were communicating through Legimency (silently casted) during that last scene in Half-Blood and Dumbledore sacrificed himself so Snape could get in the good graces of Voldemort. Snape will then use his new found position to gather information about the remaining horcruxes. Snape will feed Harry, through anonymous sources, the information. Snape will still appear to be a bad guy. Eventually Harry will figure out Snape is really working for the Order but that will be right about the time that Snape is killed by Voldemort.

Harry, live or die? - My prediction...Harry to die. We're talking tragic hero style. Ron and Hermione will be the ones to carry on Harry's legacy.

So, there you go. Will I be right or wrong? We'll find out on Saturday.

The Dead Air Show is Back 1/14@ 7pm E/6pm C
So I'm part of this weekly internet radio show, here are the details.

Okay, The Dead Air Show will be back this Sunday January 14th at 7pm Eastern 6pm Central. We will be finishing up on Best and Worst of 2006's Music, TV and Events.

Our weekly contributors will all be here: Ryan, John, Matt and Alex. Plus, as always, taking your calls, so we can here what you have to say... so don't be a douche.

See you on Sunday.

I was on Internet Radio
This was from earlier tonight....

Tonight at 7pm Eastern 6pm Central, the first Dead Air Show will go forth across the world! This Sunday, we hope that Mr. Zack Braff (star of SCRUBS on NBC, and writer and director of Garden State.) will be able to join us, and take our questions and your calls. On the line up is Alex, who was an original member of the Dead Air cable show, and has remained a vibrant commentator on the state of just about everything. Also, we will be announcing our selection for "Douche of the Year" and addressing all the fat ass people on the transfat issue. Then there will be the movie, music, and tv discussions we always have. Remember, the first thirty minutes is live, but when the show ends, we keep recording for the archive. In fact, you can still call in when the live show ends. Tune in, listen up, and give us a call. We just might make a joke.
Just click the button to be taken to the Dead Air Show page.
I Have a Talk Show

For Janice

Back to you Ryan!
So Ryan does this thing on his MySpace Blog. He find odd news stories and has us write an additional news piece to make an already funny story even more funny. The only rule is after you make your addendum, you have to finshing it by saying, "Back to you Ryan!"

I had to share today's article because I think Janice and Big Daddy J will see the humor in it.

Baby's Hand Severed at Chocolate Factory

HONOLULU - An 18-month-old girl's hand was cut off when it became caught in a conveyor belt at a chocolate factory she was touring with her family, officials said.

The girl's left hand was caught Saturday in a belt at the Menehune Mac Factory Gift Center, fire officials said. By the time firefighters arrived, employees had bandaged the girl and retrieved her hand.

"Our guys just put it in a bag on ice, just to preserve it in case doctors are able to do anything with it," Fire Capt. Chris Ah Mook Sang said.

She was taken to The Queen's Medical Center, which did not release her condition.

The girl and her family were attending the company's Fifth Annual Mother's Day Candy Making Event, a fundraiser for the Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation.

Menehune Mac President Neal Arakaki said he was investigating.

"We feel so bad about this," he said. "This is something truly out of the ordinary. Everyone's just really shook up."

Arakaki said the factory was sanitized and production resumed in a different area of the factory.

Menehune Mac, founded in 1939, is the oldest existing manufacturer of macadamia nut candies in Hawaii, according its Web site.

My addition:
When the chocolate factory owner was asked to give a comment, he blew into a whistle and 4 orange midgets came out and sang this:

"Oompa, Loompa, Doop-a-dee doo
I got a chocolate finger for you
Oompa, Loompa, Doop-a-dah dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me

What do you get when you lose a hand?
Not being able to play in a band
Can't turn the pages of a book
Doomed to forever wear a hook

Just don't scratch your butt

Oompa, Loompa, Doop-a-dee doo
Life isn't fair, its sad but it's true
You will live in a circus or zoo
And you hand will be filled with yummy strawberry goo

Strawberry goo!"

Back to you Ryan!

It's a celebration bitches!
I know I haven't updatedthis in forever...but...

I got accepted into Rutger's Business school!

Reunion and Retrospect
I know it sounds like the title of Harry Potter book 15...

So this was the 10 year high school reunion weekend. Let's re-cap and then remininse...remin-nince...rem-a-lang-a-ding-dong?

Thursday I get home from work and try to get right to bed, because I need to be on 7th street at 4:50am to catch my shuttle to LaGuardia. Well, the new neighbors are moving in a day early...and making a shit ton of noise. Eventually, they leave and i get some sleep. I get up at 2am, finish packing, and get out to Manhattan. I get to LaGuardia and on my way to see people I haven't seen in 10 years.

Ryan picks me up at the Airport. I immediately tell him that I need some Jack in the Box (as the north sorely lacks the Jack). I then make it out to my sytlist in Dallas, get my 'ere cut and me and ryan go to see Serenity, which is a pretty good flick.

We go back to his place, get dressed and head out to Arlington. First we stop by his mother's place and I say Hi to her (she was pratcially my 2nd mom). We then get to Sherlock's.

This is the *most* surreal thing that has ever happened to me. The first person I see is Damian Fuller-Sutherland. The craziest mutha in school. Who hasn't changed one bit. Looks the same, acts the same. I walk up and start talking to the ladies who are organizing the whole thing and Damian instantly recognizes me.

Now keep in mind I had really long hair in H.S. and was a bit of a freak. Now I look mostly respectable, so I was expecting people not to recognize me right off the bat. But I was wrong.

I get inside and run into several old friends. Kevin O'Connor, Holly Steck, Sam Boyle, Tiffany Cohen, Richard Nettleton, John Esquivel, Amy McLaughlin, Terry Hicks, and many many others that I really didn't know all too well, but knew them well enough.

After about 3 hours of yelling over music to try to talk to people, we all decide to go to Baby Dolls in Dallas. So we go there and have a blast.

Night ended around 4am.

Saturday, Ryan and I hang around his place til around 6:30 when we have a bunch of people meet us there for dinner in Addison. Matt Groff, Kevin O'Connor, Pat Jerina, Nathan Barling, and Ryan's new woman, Nikki. We eat all the sushi. All of it. Twice.

Then we head out to Lower Greenville and meet up with Damian and his girl friend. Eventually, Tiffany Cohen shows up and hangs out. Good times and good drinks are had by all. We close the bar and Matt and I go to Denny's to get some breakfast and some coffee. I get back to Ryan's around 4am.

Sunday Ryan and I go to Tupinamba's for some good Mexican eatin'. Then I pack my shit up and Ryan brings me out to my girl friend's parent's place in Irving. I borrow their car for the night and head out to Holly Steck's place in north Arlington. Tiffany, Sam, Sean, and eventually Danny show up. We just spend all night bullshitting about old high school memories and the psychological damage of "cheesy discharge." We spend a couple of hours playing Scene It. We end up calling it a night around 4:30am. And that's onlybecause people had to work today.

Now I'm at my girl friend's parents place waiting for 5pm so I can go to the airport and fly home to NJ.

Now for the reminininin-sing.

It was just so weird seeing these people that I spent so much of my high school years with. These people were my world back then. All the typical H.S. bullshit I experienced with these people. We all knew each other very well. We hung out ALL the time. We were family. And it was like we haven't missed one day. The only difference was the way we looked and how many new stories we had. Nothing was awkward. We picked up right where we left off.

I realized just how much I missed these people. How much fun I had. No BS, no pretension, just people hanging out and talking. Everything and nothing in common.

But now I have their numbers and e-mail addresses. I won't lose them again.

I'm in Dallas for one more night, SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!
Anyone got anything fun to do on a Sunday night in Dallas-esque area?

Anyone want to hang out with your favorite mexican?

Please love me........


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